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Welcome to InfoWise System Ltd, the home of custom information systems. InfoWise has wide range of expertise on various information system development-related fields. We specialize on developing custom solutions from the scratch and integrating them into existing software and/or hardware. These include information systems, databases and websites.

InfoWise invests heavily in developing knowledge and morale of staffs to keep them focused on delivering quality services and products. We utilize proven professional methodologies to guide our projects to customer satisfaction and while translating them to suit customer local business environment.

InfoWise staffs are dedicated in making state-of-the-art information systems easy-to-use and make customers feel at home while using them. We keep technology complexity to ourselves, and smile on our customers’ faces!

Systems Development

We work closely with the client during system development, to share understanding of their business and map them efficiently into the system developed to ensure that the system meets customers needs, expectation and environment.

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Systems Integration

We don't re-invent the wheel. We utilise existing robust and feature-rich software platforms in delivering its solutions e.g. accounting packages, GIS and payment gateways and ensure that all components seamlessly work together

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Systems Sustainability

We ensure that the systems developed are built to be sustainable and properly sustained either by advising the the client the right resources needed to sustain the system delivered system or by providing services support the system delivered.

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