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Information Systems Integration

InfoWise does not re-invent the wheel when some parts of solutions are available in existing systems. Thus in delivering a solution to a customer problem, InfoWise utilises existing robust and feature-rich software platforms in delivering its software solutions. These ranges from software developer tools to end-user applications like accounting packages, geographic information system (GIS) software and payment gateways. We ensure that all components seamlessly work together to minimize learning curve in using the system.

InfoWise also integrate our enterprise solutions into relevant systems and hardware components like mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs), geographic positioning system (GPS) devices, mobile and wired scanners, in addition to traditional laptops, desktops and servers applications.

InfoWise utilizes existing infrastructure like internet, short message service (SMS), and general packet radio service (GPRS), geographic positioning system (GPS) satellite data to keep cost of data acquisition and transmission affordable to fast-moving and fast-growing businesses.