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Here are some of our generic products:


iBroker is Insurance Broker/Agent Management Information System. it facilitates the tracking of insurance customers, their policies, cover notes and endorsements and claims. It facilitates tracking of renewal and incidents associated with the policies. It facilitates generation of renewal letters to customers, accounting reports, management report and statutory reports to insurance authority (Commissioner for Insurance). More details are available in the:


xBroker is a Stock Exchange Broker Management Information System. Broker facilitates the tracking of brokers Customers, Sales and purchace orders and their execution as well as printable documents to be issued to the customers and summary reports.


Locator is a customizable User-Managed Location Collection and Visualization System. It facilitates the collection and display of your points of business opertations on a map in your public website or internal information systems. Data is collected using mobile easy-to-use devices by end-users without GIS knowledges. It also can be used to identify administrative locations (regions, districts, and wards) of the point where the user is.


LoanMan is a Credit/Loans Management System. It facilitates record keeping and management of loans issued to employees through their employers. It helps tracking of applications, approved loans, disbursements, remittances and receipts issued. It has comprehensive list of operational and management reports which helps plan loan followup activities and evaluate clients and staff performance.